Kokuryo Shoji Co.,Ltd. deals in the processing and sale of all non ferrous materials,especially stainless steel scrap.
For sixty years, we have devoted ourselves earnestly to the purchase and sale of stainless steel scrap in Nagoya,Central Japan.
Please contact us for the recycling of metals.


As a wholesale dealer, specializing in stainless steel scrap, our company was the pioneer in this field in the Nagoya region, launching our business in 1952.

We engage in the processing and sale of non ferrous materials , mainly stainless steel scrap.

As a direct supplier, we have been officially designated by the Daido Steel Co.,Ltd.. Moreover, we are the supplier of Stainless Steel Maker and Stainless Steel Foundry.

If you have factory-generated metal waste or dismantled items, please contact us.

President: Hideto Kokuryo

Our Beliefs

Since our founding, we have always aspired to be a reliable enterprise. Our goal is to contribute to society by recycling.

Basically, our work ethics are motivated by the following convictions:
We believe that it is important

  1. To value and to take good care of things.
  2. Never to forget our blessings and our debt of gratitude to others.
  3. To inspire and to be worthy of the trust of those who depend on us. To remember that to do that takes efforts and that it is so easy to lose one's trust.
  4. To keep in mind that continuity is power.
  5. To remember that we need others to move the world.

Keeping the above beliefs in mind, we strive to engage in the work that will enable people in the world to lead better, more humane lives.

Company Profole

- Kokuryo Shoji Corporation, Tokai Office (Certification ISO14001 granted)

Company Name Kokuryo Shoji Co.,Ltd.
Headquarters 1-13-18 Uchidabashi, Minami-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi  457-0862 Japan
Tokai Office: 95-25 Ronowari, Minamishibata-cho, Tokai-shi  Aichi  476-0001 Japan
Telephone(Tokai Office) 052-601-2115
FAX(Tokai Office) 052-604-7608
Founding Date 8-Jan-52
Representative President  Hideto Kokuryo,
Capital 11,200,000 yen
Bank The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ.,Ltd., Uchidabashi Branch
Number of Employees 16 (as of January 2015)
Main Customer Daido  Steel Co.,Ltd. and others
Main Items of Business ・Scrap stainless steel (SUS304.316.430 and others)
・heat-resisting steel (SUS309.310.330 and others)
・stainless steel  for blending use to foundry
・titanium and other non ferrous metals in general.

Permit and Qualification

  • <Registration Number: Number 60> Registration for Recycling Business in Waste.
  • Business for the Disposal of Industrial Waste and Intermediate Disposal (by compressing and smashing)/ Items=metal waste (not including the crushed fragments of automobiles, etc)<Permit Number: Number 2320042888>
  • Collection and Transport Business, Aichi Prefecture (including reshipping and storage)<Number 22310042888> same, Gifu Prefecture, Shizuoka Prefecture and Mie Prefecture/ Items=metal waste (not including crushed fragments of automobiles, etc) plastic waste (//), glass waste and porcelain waste (//) lumber waste, rubber waste and tiles & pebbles-- totaling six items.


1951 Founder, Osamu Kokuryo launched Kokuryo Shoten in Minami-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi Japan.
1952 Establishment of Kokury Shoji Co.,Ltd.
1981 Opening of Tokai Office.
1986 Osamu Kokuryo deceased and Hideto Kokuryo assumed the president. 
and has remained in that position to date.

Environmental Principles

Certification received in December, 2004: ISO14001

Fundamental Beliefs

Kokuryo Shoji Co.,Ltd. engages in its main business of recycling waste, chiefly metals scrap and thereby contribute to the environment as well as to society. At the same time, we strive to cultivate the spirit to value and to take good care of things, not forgetting our blessings and our debt of gratitude to others, as we place basic policy of life and work on greeting. Furthermore, we try to cultivate harmony and the spirit of cooperation with those around us, as we inspire their trust. Based on these beliefs we set down the following basic principles.

Basic Principles:

  1. As we engage in every aspect of our business, we pay great attention to safeguarding the environment. We strive to promote the continuance of the environmental management system given below, one that we strongly support.
     (1) To promote the saving energy.
     (2) To promote the reduction and the recycling of waste.
     (3) To promote "Eco-drive"
     (4) To promote the recycling of resources and being environment-conscious consumers.
     (5) To promote 5S activities.

  2. We will define our environmental objectives and periodically reevaluate them. We will exert ourselves continuously to improve the environmental management system and to prevent pollution.

  3. We will observe the ordinances and agreements governing the safeguarding of the environment and other relevant requirements. 

  4. We will carry out educational activities for the purpose of promoting the understanding and the observance of this environmental management system among those working in and for organizations.